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Orthotics laboratory and prescriptions for equipment – what are the determining factors?

There are many methods for obtaining a footprint in order to manufacture personalized orthotics.

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An orthotic is a conservative treatment that can be extremely effective. Unfortunately, the public is not very familiar with orthotic techniques. Scientific research shows that some methods work better than others. In fact, a number of methods have become even more effective with the advent of computer digitization.

However, technology alone is not enough. The quality of the footprint remains a crucial factor, which is why it must always be obtained by an experienced podiatrist in order to ensure that the positioning of the foot and leg are consistent with the desired prescription.

Based on the results of our research and those found in scientific journals, our work attests to the careful use of techniques, materials and technology to create podiatric orthotics that are more effective in treating the targeted pathologies.

There are many laboratories (manufacturers) producing orthotics for the feet, and the quality varies greatly, which is why we have our own laboratory on site. This affords us the best possible control over the quality of our orthotics and the integrity of our prescriptions.

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