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Diagnostics podiatrique

The podiatrist

The podiatrist is the health professional who is responsible for care and treatment of the foot. He uses clinical and radiological examinations for identifying the different foot affections and pathologies affecting the musculoskeletal, integumentary, dermatological, vascular and neurologic systems.

Podiatry focuses on treating foot problems and their impact on the entire body with the help of medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, surgical or mechanical treatments or through manipulation.

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The various types of podiatry

The Québec podiatric medical clinic offers general podiatry services to treat all types of conditions related to the feet and their effect on the legs.

We believe that prevention is the best form of medicine. Unfortunately, it is not yet common practice to go to a podiatrist in order to prevent certain types of conditions, like it is to go to a dentist.

However, prevention is crucial among young children in order to avoid future problems that will affect the entire body, including back pain, knee pain, etc. Problems affecting children’s feet and legs can be corrected and even completely healed using specialized orthotics. We have many unique concepts at our clinic, because Doctor in podiatric medicine François Allart has developed a specific expertise in pediatric podiatry.

We provide specific care for individuals who suffer from diabetes.

We design orthotics for athletes, which we call sporthotics, on site. They are designed to optimize the biomechanics specific to the sport in question, allowing athletes to continue to practice their sport with a reduced risk of injury and improved performance.

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